The Game Apologizes for Beef – Thinks Differences Failed Detox

In this video from MTV, The Game professes that the beef with 50 Cent/G-Unit is something that’s behind him, and offers apologies for his part in it. He also says he feels that Dr. Dre’s Detox album could have been done by now had the beef not ensued the way it did.

Game will not apologize, however, for being who he is – contradictions and all. Let us know how you feel about what Game is saying!



4 Responses to “The Game Apologizes for Beef – Thinks Differences Failed Detox”

  1. Adam Slabosz says:

    I dont know what 2 say about that. I mean, the documentary was a good album, but i dont know if you can trust dude. Game 2 me seems kinda sneaky. I dont think 50 will be down wit it.

  2. Tracey Jones says:

    I think he has a CD or single coming out soon. 50, Dre, or Em didn’t respond to his negativity so now he is trying to think of another way to drum up publicity, so this time he decided to “make up”. No one should address this because he is not sincere.

  3. fuck bi polar doja BAYMAAC!

  4. Kevin Ahmadi says:

    I never buy into his apologies because he always goes back on them like 3 days later. The next live show he does he’ll be saying fuck G-Unit again.

    But you can’t deny they made great music together so, as a hip-hop fan, I would love for them to get back in the studio.

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