Taylor Swift and T-Pain “Thug Story” on CMT Awards [Video]

T-Pain and Taylor Swift got together to create their new smash hit “Thug Story” for the CMT Music Awards. Ok, so maybe it’s not a smash, but it’s definitely cute as Taylor raps about her “extra small white tee” and baking cookies.

“What! What! I knit sweaters yo!”




4 Responses to “Taylor Swift and T-Pain “Thug Story” on CMT Awards [Video]”

  1. Adam Slabosz says:

    This song is a fucking joke, jus like that im on a boat shitt, Tpain is a fucking robot.

  2. dove says:

    Ummm… probably because it IS a joke. A little something called comedy – on both counts.

  3. i love ths video … but she should stick to country music!!!

  4. dfgh says:

    all of yall are dummys

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