Pauly Shore Loves Africa! Jamie Kennedy Beef?! Black Girl Hate?! White Babies Overseas?!

Actor/Comedian Pauly Shore came through Shade 45 to speak about his crazy adoption venture in Africa, and what is was really all about! His new movie Adopted (full trailer below) chronicles his journey to South Africa to adopt a child there, and while it’s all done in a humorous (and sometimes shocking) way, he does have a bigger message for people.

Why does Pauly think Oprah has the right idea? Did he really f*ck Jamie Kennedy‘s ex? Why don’t Black women like Pauly? Should Africans start adopting babies from Kansas? How the heck did he lose a child for a whole day?? And what’s this about raping Justin Bieber?? Help!

Find out in this exclusive!

Adopted movie synopsis (from Phase 4 Films):
For hundreds of years, Africa has existed in a state of despair. Famine, civil wars and rampant disease have left the continent without hope, but for the efforts of Western do-gooders. At first, they arrived with food, bibles and the magic of penicillin; more recently they have hosted rock concerts and sent plane loads of grain. And in the last decade of the 20th century they arrived and took babies home with them. First there was Angelina, then Madonna, and now…Pauly Shore!
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