LaLa vs DJ Whoo Kid!! Honey Nut Cheerios?? Lesbianism?? BFF’s With Kim K?? Spotted Dick??

The beautiful LaLa Anthony stopped by Shade 45 to speak with DJ Whoo KidLuckily over here at we were able to capture the entire conversation!

Does LaLa really taste like Honey Nut Cheerios?? Did Kevin Garnett really say that about LaLa? What does LaLa’s son think about having such a beautiful mother? Hows it feel to be on the 3rd season of her show, ‘LaLa’s Full Court Life?’ Lesbianism?? Does LaLa really have her own cosmetics and clothing line? Think Like A Man Part 2?? How did LaLa and Kim Kardashian become so close? Does Carmelo know how to dance? Spotted Dick?? Does LaLa own a gun?

Find out all the answers in this Radio Planet exclusive!!

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