Faith Evans vs DJ Whoo Kid!! Beef With Lil Kim?? Love For B.I.G.? Single Life??

R&B Legend Faith Evans recently stopped by Shade 45 to speak with  DJ Whoo Kid. Luckily over here at we were able to capture the entire conversation!

Did Faith really want to have a compilation album with all female R&B singers? What can we expect from Faith’s new album? Why is it similar to the Waiting To Exhale Soundtrack? Does Faith still go clubbing? Is Faith single? Does Faith allow her kids to listen to her music? How does it feel to be a part of hip hop history? How do fans approach Faith? Was Faith really close with Whitney Houston? Has Faith ever hung out with Lil Kim? Is Faith still cool with Junior Mafia? Does Faith get bothered by all the constant questions about Biggie? Would Faith ever allow her kids to get in the music industry? What is Faith’s all time favorite record?

Find out all the answers in this Radio Planet exclusive!!

One Response to “Faith Evans vs DJ Whoo Kid!! Beef With Lil Kim?? Love For B.I.G.? Single Life??”

  1. ferny says:

    She is hot

    Didn’t know you were up there too kid.

    WHy don’t you tell them to listen to v6 son? haha

    it is a different market now. With the exposure of Mixtapes, it gave artist the ability to make music without having to be on a label.
    plus RIAA did more harm than good to the music market IMO. Now there is an influx of content and there is hardly time to widdle through it

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